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Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are so very important to our band.  Their contributions give us the money needed to continue providing music to our community.

Please visit them often and say “Thanks!”  Better yet . . . become a sponsor!

Index of sponsors

Ali'i Chiropratic Sugar Cottages
Bio-Eco Hawaii The Tiki Devils
Jim's Shoes & Bags Web Work Hawaii
Mango Medical Weddings A La Heart
Sally J. Martens  


The cards below represent sponsors, contributors and friends.
Each links to appropriate email or website if available:

Ali'i Chiropractic
(808) 329-6997
Ali'i Chiropractic
Bio-Eco Hawaii Inc.
(808) 640-7230
Bio Eco
Jim's Shoes & Bags
Jim's Shoes & Bags 326-1277
Mango Medical
(808) 769.5167
Mango Medical
Sally J. Martens
ArcGIS Specialist
Sugar Cottages
(808) 328-9515
Sugar Cottages
The Tiki Devils
The Tiki Devils
Web Work Hawaii
Weddings A La Heart
(808) 322-3322
Weddings A La Heart


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